The wonderful landscapes - the numerous dreamful beaches - the heartiness and hospitality - the good wines - the variations of the italian cooking - the mediterranean climate - the manifold cultural offers: these are the reasons why Italy - since a long time - is one of the most favourite destinations.

It seems nearly incredible that you can find in  this country - so popular for holidays - a region that combines all what Italy means for us and that nevertheless is not totally overcrowded by tourists. But this jewel is still existing: Le Marche.
If you love Italy and if you want to discover it in its whole originality you should come here to this region.
Le Marche - situated along the Adriatic Sea is often called Sister of the Tuscany.
It is true, the landscape seems similar in many ways. Only that the hills are more charming, many beaches still have an excellent quality (EU-Award) and the villages and towns are worth seeing but still contemplative.

But Le Marche possesses much more:
If you are looking for a change of beach life you can visit all arround many beautiful villages and small towns - excellent restored - such as Corinaldo, Mondavio, Orciano and greater towns like Urbino, Pesaro, Fano, Jesi and Macerata that offer during summer times various events:


All that you can get here in the likeable Le Marche for prices not destroyed by mass tourism.
This region has maintained its nativeness and whether you only want to have a pizza for lunch  wether you like to taste the fish richness of the Adria in an exquisite restaurant or if you want to go shopping : you will find realistic and fair prices.


Urbino - birth place of the artist Raffael - was planned during the Renaissance as an ideal  town and enthuses with its impressing architecture.


Pesaro birth place of Rossini  and Macerata with its famous Arena are always destinations for musical attractions.
Senigallia is one of the oldest and most famous seaside resorts along the Adria and Fano - the old Roman town -   offers each month (second weekend) its interesting Antique Market.

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